This includes a 16-24 week highly customized training strength training plan for men or women. Clients get results in strength, fatloss, muscle gain on areas of the body that they want to develop. 


This service is available for people who wants to improve their health and well being by understanding the right nutrition. 

This is also a 16-24 weeks course that we design to guide you through step by step in learning the right diet for you body. A daily meal plan as well as a Macronutrients breakdown will be introduced over the entire course to ensure the goal will be achieved in a healthy manner.


Most frequent questions and answers

All programs are customized for the client. This is not a cookie cutter program that most of the amateur trainers copy paste online. If you have the willingness to learn and committed this is for you. Even you are a beginner, intermediate or advance. I can create a program for you and help you progress.

The answer is IT DEPENDS. I can’t guarantee success if you will compare success from other clients. There are tons of differences that is why you can’t compare yourself. What I can say is for so many years I coached people both online and in-person, I used same principles and even the person who gave only 75% effort ended up happy after the program.

Meal plans can be provided however I find that those restricted meals are not sustainable long term. What normally happens is client will achieve their goals after following the meal plan but regained their weight after because they didn’t understand proper nutrition, they just followed a meal plan.

What I do is to coach people nutrition and being flexible. Caloric deficit will always be the key for fatloss. We will spend 80% of our daily intake in healthy foods and high protein then the rest are for foods that you love to eat. Yes, there are room for burgers and chocolates. 

The answer is it depends because everybody is different. What I do is to set up the calories as high as we can while losing weight. Cardio is also at minimum. Calories will be adjusted as we progress.

This is an old myth and clients not only females but also by males worried about. It is not that easy to gain muscle even you wanted to. So as a female unless you are a freak of nature that gains muscle so fast then getting big will never happen. Most of the time female experience this “bulky” feeling because they judge how they look after the workout when the muscles are pumped. Also if you are in a caloric deficit(eating less calories than you burn) It is hard to gain lots of muscle.

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